About Us


University may have been the best four years of our young lives, but it was subjective of various opportunities and choices. We took hard classes, studied long hours and worked our butts off for our degrees. After enduring far too many grueling nights in the library, we decided that there had to be a better way of doing things. We’ve set out to help university students discover a more efficient and productive learning experience.

We envision a future where technology revolutionizes the way we learn from the way we study to the classroom and campus experiences. We aim to provide university students with a powerful platform that supply all the needs that enrich them to reach the best university life.


We are a group of energetic youth with technology background who willing to think big to acheive something that we always dream of. We would not just stop at the point where how far we have gone. As a young-fledgling website, we got a lot more works to do. We determined to keep changing and updating day to day to serve the community better. If you are a high spirit and energetic university students who willing to tackle up the new challenge, we are welcome you to join our team to create the difference together.