A Letter from RegCourse

Apologize: We're closing down RegCourse Professor Section


RegCourse Professor section has been a useful tool for CUHK students to have an open discussion space to understand more about the CUHK professors and to provide an opportunity to provide feedback base on his/her personal experience. However, as it gains more popularity, it comes under significant attention and pressure from the affecting parties due to the overwhelming feedbacks and comments. To avoid further deterioration, we had decided to close down the RegCourse Professor section at this moment.

We Understand the Issue

The concern started very recently when we observed an abnormal usage on the Faculty of Law section on RegCourse Professor. In RegCourse, we don't support and tolerate any form of internet abuse, personal attack and hate speech. We go extra mile to manually examine every sharing and comment on our site to make sure all of them on par with our community standard. However, the unusual heavy usage on the Faculty of Law section lately exposed the ineffectiveness of our existing content management and raised a serious concern among affecting Faculty members who involved. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience that caused.

But this is Worrying

In order to understand what is the reason behind the sudden usage jump on the Faculty of Law section on RegCourse Professor, we actually did interview quite a number of CUHK Law students. The general feedback from them is actually not quite far away from what presented on the site and there are both positive and constructive comments for many of the professors. We do not publish any kind of random comments by ourselves, in fact, as we traced down to our database, there are many of them actually published by real students taking the exact classes. This is worrying, the ineffectiveness of the existing official paper-form evaluation might actually causing an issue to our fellow students' campus study experience.

We Think There is Better Way

In the deep down, as a CUHK student, I seriously hope to do something to help the students and the community to grow with a better study, enriched classroom experience. I believe the only way to achieve this, is to create an inclusive, embracing and helpful culture from the top-down. We started this project with an objective to help students to improve the campus study experience. Open discussion and constructive feedback provide an exclusive opportunity to engage both side of the teaching - instructors and students to understand more about the study experience. We strongly against any inappropriate personal attack and hate speech in any kind and thus we seriously deal with every report cases and actively perform the content management on our side. However, for some of the contents, while from the student perspective, it's very difficult to judge what is exactly appropriate because constructive comments might very useful for all of us to remind ourselves and develop a win-win situation for both students and professors. On the other side, great teaching should be credited and rewarded as well.

What's Next

We need your help. In order to build better platform to ultimately achieve the our goal of improving student study experience and keep the true CUHK spirit going, it's going to be much tougher job, but we would like to do it. We hope we can your help to share this message to your fellow CUHK friends and raise the awareness of this incident. We need lots of support and help to keep the platform running, if you or your friends would like to help, please contact us via info@regcourse.com or message us through RegCourse Facebook Page. You can be the one who impact the CUHK community.

Best regards,
RegCourse Team

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