GENA2192 Women, Men and Culture

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Professor: FAMING, Manynooch

Course Description
This course takes an anthropological perspective to debate on a general human category, such
as sexes and gender. Through this perspective the course will explore the process of how
sexes, gender, and the relationship between men and women are largely cultural and social
products. Students will also be exploring political, economic, material, and environmental
factors that are deem to be part of such processes. This course will start from introducing core
concerns, arguments, and approaches related to gender and sexuality. After the introductory
sessions, we will focus, week by week, on common (or controversial) gender and sexual
issues we encounter in lives. These weeks will be discussion intensive and relevant analysis
and scholarly works will be introduced to deepen your understanding of gender and sexuality
via the topics. Students are encouraged to examine their own gender identities and beliefs
critically; to not only understand how our gender assumptions are shaped but also to develop
their own gender statement.
Class participation 20% (asking the classmates question during the debate)
1 group presentation 40% (group debate(verbally present without ppt according to your stance in the debate, and then ask your opponents questions or respond to their questions)
2 short reflection papers 40% (A reflection paper about the topic of your presentation. /A reflection paper that reviews and addresses what you learned from our field
visit./) Choose one creative work and use idea and argument you learned in this class to write a discussion
about that work) (each 1000 English words)
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