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ELED 1020 Immersion Experience II

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  • Professor: Instructors at the University of York
  • Language: English


Course Description
All prospective English teachers are required by the Hong Kong government to go on an immersion programme in an English-speaking country for English language enhancement in order to be qualified to be English teachers in Hong Kong. All ELED students are required to have a two-month immersion experience at the University of York in the summer of their third year of studies, and the immersion programme comprises several components: language enhancement, academic training, cultural experience, methodological instruction, and school visits. Students can register a series of three courses (ELED1010, ELED1020, ELED1030) any term after completion of the immersion experience.
8% Language Analysis assessment - conduct in-depth research and write a written analysis of the form, meaning, and usage of a linguistic structure or language area that you would like to focus on in a peer teaching assignment
8% Skills Development Interview - choose one language skill (reading, writing, listening, or speaking), design an English lesson focusing on that skill and targeting on a specific group of learners, and answer some questions about your lesson design asked by the examiner in a 20-minute interview
8% Reflective Journal - write three journals recording your new language observations and reflecting on your cultural experience as well as school visits in each of the first three weeks of the immersion experience
8% Peer-Teaching Observations - conduct a 30-to-40-minute English grammar lesson focusing on the linguistic structure or language area that you researched on in the language analysis assessment and targeting on university students with a partner
8% Lesson Plan - write a individual lesson plan of the lesson that you conduct with a partner in the peer teaching assessment 
20% Research Paper - write a individual research paper in 3000-3400 words on an empirical research project conducted in groups
10% Research Presentation - deliver a 20-minute oral presentation in groups on an empirical research project conducted in groups followed by a five-minute question and answer session
10% Research Seminar - lead a 10-minute seminar on a topic related to the empirical research project conducted individually, and participate in seminars led by other students
10% Pre-immersion reflection - write an article about your expectations on the immersion experience before departure
10% Reflection on Immersion experience - write an article to reflect on the immersion experience

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Instructors at the University of York

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